With more than 20 years of experience in integrating robots in our productions and in the creation of robotic units, the teams at Meunier Industries are able to respond to your needs and resolve your problems.


The diversity of our activity sectors, our feedback and our expertise enable our teams to tackle your subjects with these additional objectives:

  • To join vision, recognition and measurement systems by camera for more flexibility;
  • To use collaborative robots to facilitate the integration of units closer to the operators;
  • To bring innovative solutions through a critical approach to the works.

The format of our organisations enables us to implement technical facilities and produce customised projects with tight deadlines.

Our Services:

  • Unit design
  • Electrical and automation consultancy
  • Pneumatic consultancy
  • Robotic consultancy (mixing different procedures (vision, etc.) trajectory simulation, etc.)
  • Technical writing: 
    • Requirements matrices
    • Risk analysis
    • Technical specifications
    • Development plan
    • Management plan
    • Design justification file
    • Design definition file
    • Design calculations
    • Maintenance plan
    • Procedures
    • Report
    • Technical manuals
    • Etc.

Our Tools:

  • CATIA V5 (Structural Calculation and Design)
  • SIMULATION TOOL (ROBCAD, proprietary software, Robot Studio, etc.)

Robot Brands:

  • ABB
  • KUKA

Contact : contact.msa-rennes@mind-group.fr